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Teschia Blakley

Coming from a small town on the east coast of Georgia US was born a song bird by the name of Teschia. Growing up in a home of dancers and music lovers Teschia was always surrounded by music that has influenced her till this day. Waking up to the mornings of Teddy Pendagrass, The System, Jones Girl, Pointer Sisters, Ashford & Simpson and a list of others the musical talent was sure to form one of these days. As the years progressed and she continued to grow Teschia soon turned into GGooDei MC. She formed a group with minimal success with her sister Tinah which dabbled in the fields of hip-hop and R&B. The few tracks they completed in their living rooms were far fetched from the field in which the GooDy treads on at the moment. Working with her sister not only brought out her writing and lyrical talent, but also gave her the enthusiasm to jump on the drum & bass scene and take over.


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