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Ive been on a musical Journey since 70s - i can still remember the very first time i put on a pair of headphones on hooked upto a old flat style teak hifi and heard dark side of the moon Pink Floyd - it was like being in another world,after a few years past i descovered a fascination with the Street Sound Electro era in the early 80s,i started to play around with tdk tapes and do my own edits trying to create a mix,i dreamed of one day learning how to dj mix scratch,it was not until early 1991 i got my hands on my very first belt drive soundlab Dp1 & a realistic Tandy mixer,i would stay up all night,destroying crossfaders with wd40 learning how to scratch, i soon sussed beat mixing out but soundlabs had to go,i got my very first technics 1210 around 1992 and other a few weeks later,i still use the very same decks today- i practiced like crazy & soon started getting small gigs in derby @ illegal all night i progressed into club scene/pirate radio Star Fm-Radio Freedom-sonic fm,i still own nearly all of my vinyl. I use to dj @ a club in derby called THE LO CLUB ! this was the best underground venue in derby,the nights were called Unity (see my pics for oldskool flyers) i supported the prodigy in 1994 @ derby uni infront of 1300+ people - it all seems like a blur now meeting Liam Howlett / keith Flint - this will allways be my claim to fame - And actually making them dance listening to me back stage is the ultimate surreal buzz !! Present day fav music is (Deep Melodic Atmospheric dnb) My mixing style normally has lot's of xfade'n & cutting beats in&out teaseing the next track in, i also love scratch mixing,, it all depends on my mood. i started using Touch dvs Intimidation with my 1210s last year and fell for the digital revolution


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