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Mixed by XRS Land



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01. Departure XRS Land + Cybass 02. Mystic Voyage (DJ Marky & XRS remix) Roy Ayers 03. Vibe Peixe Kru 04. Pra te alcan

The mighty XRS Land from Brazil passes through to drop Podcast 08, a sublime mix of liquid dnb elements with a modern and unique twist. Containing the kind of vibes that Brazilians do best, this mix has a feel of pure quality and happy times, something you are sure to enjoy time and time again.

Check out the links below to see more from the man himself, XRS Land and his own music publishing company, Tupy.

XRS Land - Dragster (part 2: the final run) This is XRS Land

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where can i get "hortatoj"? looovely tuune
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TRuc de fouS
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