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Pennygiles Demand Records Interview & Mix

Demand Records

Pennygiles Demand Records Interview & Mix

LDNB gets down with hot property 'Pennygiles'

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The recent release of the Demand Records 'Drum & Bass On Demand' compilation has garnered a lot of support from the scene. Featuring a variety of artists presenting some of their strongest work to date, the collection has further cemented Demand as one of the hottest labels out there. favourite Pennygiles stars on the album, and we ask him about the compilation. He also drops a mix for us, which you can download below.

Hey Pennygiles, how are you? Tell us about your background, and how you got started in music.

Hey very good thanks! Minus the cold weather at the moment. Sure, I’m from a small town in mid Wales called Newtown. Been into all styles of music for a while now but picked up production in 2010.


How did you wind up getting onto ‘Drum & Bass On Demand’?
I ended up on the album due to a collaboration I'd done with Roygreen & Protone. I was excited to hear that one of our collabs was going to be on a label I'd been following for some time.


Can you sum up your music for us? What are some of the feelings that you personally attach to it?

Hmmm, usually tends to be a case of, if the sample or whatever I’m working with at the moment doesn't make me have some emotion and I can’t keep it running on loop for a while, I won’t finish the track. If I can get things flowing for myself (selfish I know), I'll finish the track. I suppose when you live in a place like Newtown you have a lot of time to overthink things and focus on one thing without many distractions.


Tell us more about ‘Misunderstanding’. How did it start, and what were the steps in its progression?

Misunderstanding was started when I had some spare time on a flight to Vienna for a gig. It started off as a bit of a moody roller. Then I'd given the parts to Roygreen and bam! he'd made it into what it is today.


What are your thoughts on the artists on the album?

Think all the artists on there a very very strong producers! A lot of them are pretty much the future stars of that sound. Especially people like Eastcolours, M-Zine & Skepticz, Ed:It etc.


Any tracks stick out in particular?
Always love Heavy1's production, The Gamma tune is wild! But the one I've been caning mostly in the clubs is Ed-it's Need You.


What does the term ‘drum & bass’ mean to you?

A genre capable for any colour, creed, gender, past musical tastes to come together and create bass riddled music and boundary pushing styles.


Finally, what’s in the mix you’ve got for us?

I dug out the old vinyl and played a few classics that mean a lot to me at the times they came out, An influence's set. Hope you enjoy!



Download Pennygiles Demand Records Mix for LDNB


1. Zero T - In The AM
2. Alix Perez, Icicle, Switch - This Is How
3. Icicle & Switch - Looking Away
4. Bjork - Machines(Bootleg)
5. Commix - How You Gonna Feel?
6. Klute - Part Of Me
7. Mj Cole - Sincere( Marcus Intalex Remix)
8. Calibre - Fire & Water
9. Ed Rush & Optical - Watermelon
10 . Dbridge - Kismet
11. Calibre - Zombie Life
12. Marcus Intalex - How You Make Me Feel
13. Calibre - Highlander
14. Shogun - Nautilus

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