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Drum and Bass mix by TOEZ

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SoulTunes present TOEZ (10th January 2013)

Mixed by Toez 1 year 33 weeks ago




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Tons of appreciation for Mr. TOEZ

shouts to:
Barrie Adams [LDNB]
Jay Aquasion [Textures Music Group]
Melos [Sonata]
Deeper Connection [Soul Deep]

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01.ATP & Dave Owen - Way Back When [Rubik]
02.Mutt - Conversations (Atlantic Connection remix) [Free]
03.Alix Perez, Rockwell & Spectrasoul - Montpellier [Shogun Audio]
04.Calibre - Piano Bizness [Critical Music]
05.Toez - S.O.S [LDNB dub]
06.Aquasion - Choose Your Path [Phuzion]
07.Jaybee - Mixed Emotions [36 Hertz]
08.Jem - They (Photek remix) [Crazywise]
09.Toez - The Stepper [Sonata dub]
10.Eveson - Make Luv 2 Night [Fizzy Beats]
11.Toez - On My Mind (feat. Janice Tsao) [Soul Deep]
12.Commix - City Section [Metalheadz]
13.Toez - Raindrop (refix) [Soul Deep]
14.Toez - Wife & A Life [Textures Music Group]
15.Klute - Stuck On You [Commercial Suicide]

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Nice, 5 star mix for sure!! :)