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The Sunset Sessions (Drum & Bass Studio Mix June 2012)

Drum and Bass mix by SoulFusion

The Sunset Sessions (Drum & Bass Studio Mix June 2012)

SoulFusion      2 years 33 weeks ago




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Digging out some mixes from the archive. Here’s one from last summer, featuring some blissful, sunny drum & bass flavours.

Please feel free to comment & share etc.

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Isla Verde - Flaco
In My Mind - Level 2
Ocean Never Lies - Nuage
The Years (Loz Contreras Remix) - Snakehips
All I Need ft. Christina Tamayo - Submorphics & Mutt
Beautiful To Me - Furney
Love Affair - DJ Marky & Spy
Sky's The Limit - Level 2 & DJ Chap
Aquatique - Electrosoul System
Piano Funk (feat. Riya & DÂM FunK) - Total Science & S.P.Y
Heatwave - Makoto & Greg Packer
Life Can Be So Beautiful - Rowpieces
You & I (Original Mix) - Loz Contreras
Little Man (Marcus Intalex Remix) - Little Dragon
I Can't Wait - Dave Owen & Jaybee
Lost In Laguardia - Random Movement & Jaybee
Reincarnation Dub - Cyantific
Sunshine - Potential Badboy Ft. Yush
September Song - Nuage

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