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SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS Official Podcast # January 2013

Drum and Bass mix by dBase

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SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS Official Podcast # January 2013

Scott Allen      2 years 2 weeks ago




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SOUL DEEP RECORDINGS Official Podcast for CANNIBAL RADIO > January 2013 < Mixed by Scott Allen: Duration 60'. Tune in, lock on, every Thursday @ for the freshest DNB in the globe.

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01. L-Side – So Fine

02. Altitude – Recollections

03. dramatic & dbAudio – Theme From Nuthall
[Soul Deep Dub]

04. Altitude feat. dRamatic & dbAudio – Everything

05. Furney – Lost You

06. Kasper – One Time
[Soul Deep Dub]

07. Scott Allen – Parallel Reality
[Good Looking Dub]

08. MJT – Silent Echoes
[Soul Deep Dub]

09. Tokalosh – Priceless Time VIP

10. Blade & Chris Sabian – Leaving You
[Good Looking Dub]

11. Scott Allen – Solemn Shores
[Soul Deep Dub]

12. Malaky – Drifting
[Good Looking Dub]

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