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Better Day Like Yesterday

Better Day Like Yesterday

Better Day Like Yesterday

HDeer      3 years 46 weeks ago




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This is my second official mix set, i think i got better in transitions but more interesting will be know what you think about it. This mix is pure liquid drum and bass different of first mix which contained a dance dnb tunes too. The name is better day like yesterday - that means that by listening of this mix your day drastically changes to better, maybe yes, looking forward to your comments, enjoy =D

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01. Stunna & Smote - First Light feat. Submorphics
02. Memro - Trick Of The Tail
03. Willem De Roo - Morning Walk
04. Sundancer - Into The Emptiness
05. Stunna - Run feat. Place42
06. DJ Marky & S.P.Y. - Yellow Shoes
07. Mage - Let

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Sweet mix. Smooth and uplifting. Calm in a troubled world, thanks HDeer.
HDeer's picture

thanks mate, im glad that you like ;)

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Nice switch @ 9:33.