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Drum and Bass mix by funkware

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Liquid Tones Podcast Vol.2 Mixed by Funkware

Mixed by Funkware 1 year 34 weeks ago




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Aired December 27th 2012

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Flaco - Down
Duoscience - Sensation of tea )
Pennygiles, Roy Green & Protone - Siesta
Funkware & Mr Zodiac - Without hook
Chromatic - Don't take too long
Cosmology - Danger in your soul
Donnie Dubson - Muted horns
Random movement - Thought Lust (Bodrums Batch)
Funkware & Mr Zodiac feat. Stefanie - Sunny beats
Silence groove - Til you
Total science feat. Riya - Cold blood
Intelligent manners - Take no more
Dramatic and Dbaudio - Far away (Total science Remix)
Brian McKnight - Stay or let it go (Sabre Remix)
Funkware & Mr Zodiac - Without hook
Random movement - She had better days
Ji Ben Gong & Kalum - Looking forward