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LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 163

LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 163

LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 163

BrokenDrum      2 years 4 weeks ago




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Live on the, Saturdays 3-5pm gmt.

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01. A.I - Won't Say Goodbye02. Young AX - Midnight Sun - Calibre Remix03. Toez - Raindrop04. Human Nature & Severity Zero - Peculiar Love05. Flaco - Down06. Soul Connection - Every Loser Wins07. Sevin - Intercept08. Euphorics - Midnight Mist09. Makoto & Greg Packer - We Live10. Funktastics - African Rhythm11. Toez - On My Mind12. Sicko - Turning Tides13. Floetry - Say Yes - BTK Remix14. Physics - Feel Me Gone15. AI - Days Of Rage16. Icicle - So Close17. Mutt ft Kevin King - Conversations18. Mr Joseph - Get Loose19. RoyGreen & Protone & Monologue - Midnight20. Phors - Fading Away21. Smote & Blue Motion - When The Storm Is Over22. Mr Joseph and Pennygiles - Floating Island23. Flaco - Northstar24. Against & Scott Allen - Waiting For25. DJ Clart - Nu Soul26. Beepo - What Aout Us27. Mr Joseph - Forgotten Emotions28. Lynx & Hellrazor - Passing Time29. BrokenDrum - Take It Away30. Enei & Georgia yates - Runnin31. In Deed - How you Feel32. Soul Connection - Day & Night33. Hazuki - Courtship34. In Deed - My Soul35. Level 2 _ Tone tone36. Simplification - love Forever37. dRamatic & db Audio - Days Running Out38. Liquid love - Kasper RMX39. Presents - Chances40. BrokenDrum & Julie Harrington - Best Is Yet To Come

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