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LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 159

LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 159

LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 159

BrokenDrum      2 years 4 weeks ago




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Live on the, Saturdays 3-5pm gmt. Spread the word about LDNB and BrokenDrum :)

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01. Hazuki - Courtship02. Presents - Inner Rhodes03. dramatic & dBaudio - Days Running Out04. Electrosoul System - Lemme See U 2 Tha Dance05. Technimatic - She Knows It06. Presents - Mare Street07. Calyx & TeeBee - Elevate This Sound08. Calibre - Clipper Man09. BrokenDrum - White Skies10. Chap & Andrezz - Double Shock11. Raw Q - Sweet Pea12. Dynamic - Up My World13. Electrosoul System - Lemmy See u14. Command Strange - Groover15. Velocity - Lunar Prospector16. Eveson - Embrace17. Flaco - Choose Me18. Zero T - Roxy Music19. Soul Connection - Wave Heart20. Lynx - Passing Time21. Floetry - Say Yes (BTK Bootleg)22. Soul Connection - Day & Night23. Soul Tec & Msdos - Come Toogether24. Sunny Crimea - All Night With You25. Makoto - Golden Girl26. Technimatic - Solace27. Switch - How Could you28. Soul Connection - Forever More29. Rowpieces - Almost Exterminated30. RM - Boundary Lines31. Quadrant - Scandal32. Marcus Intalex - Redan33. Switch - Your Love34. Toez - Untitled35. BD & Julie Harrington - Best Is Yet To Come36. Break - All round37. Rockwell & Alix Perez - Montpellier38. Jrumhand - Picking Up The Pieces39. Breakage - Loved You So40. Bungle - Goodtimes41. mSdos & Subsid - Don't Make Sense42. Random Movement - Thoughtlust43. Tim Cant - What I Dream44. DJ Chap & Andrezz - Doing The Same Thing

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