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LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 158

LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 158

LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 158

BrokenDrum      2 years 5 weeks ago




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Live on the, Saturdays 3-5pm gmt.

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01. Andrezz - Landscape02. Makoto - Golden Girl03. dramatic & dBaudio - Days Running Out04. Electrosoul System - Lemme See u 2 The Dance05. Velocity - Lunar Prospector06. Technimatic - She Knows It07. SUbsid & msdos08. Soultec & msdos - Come Together09. Sevin - Throwing Shapes10. Rowpieces - Almost Exterminated11. Greg Packer - Earth Angel12. BrokenDrum - In My Dreams13. Hazuki - Courtship14. DJ Chap & Andrezz - Doing The Same15. BrokenDrum - White Skies16. Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound17. Random Movement - Boundary Lines18. Technimatic - Solace19. Presents - Mare Street20. Soul Connection - Day & Night21. Switch - How Could You22. BrokenDrum - Dont Know Why23. Jazzanova - I Can See (Paul SG RMX)24. Kubiks - Wake Up25. Presents - Inner Rhodes26. Raw Q - Sweet Pea27. Soul Connection - Forever More28. Toez - Untitled Rolla29. Mutt - Coversations (Atlantic Connection RMX)30. Switch - Your Love31. BrokenDrum & Julie Harrington - Best Is Yet To Come32. Technimatic - Unfinished Business

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