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LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 157

LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 157

LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 157

BrokenDrum      2 years 6 weeks ago




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Live on the, Saturdays 3-5pm gmt.

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 01. Human Factor - Cold Hands02. Donnie Dubson - Gin & Tonic03. Joseph Ablett - Helen04. K-Dan - For Lovers For Friends05. Muwookie - Dry Your Eyes06. Submorphics - Rejected07. Gunston - Universe08. Hybrid Minds - Blame09. Pennygiles & Mr Joseph - Visions in my Mind10. Electrosoul System - In The Place11. Flaco - Space Blues12. Jazz Thieves - Shaken Not Stirred VIP13. Style Disciples - Stay With You14. Big Bud - Soul Sista15. Intelligent Manners & Dynamic - Down With This16. Sunny Crimea - I Want It17. Atlantic Connection - Its Me Its You - Flaco Rmx18. Skeletone - Pieces19. Sunny Crimea - Dreams20. Critycal Dub & Level 2 - Watershell21. Zero T - The Roxy Music22. Jam Theives - Park Of Monsters23. Sundesire - Some Day We'll Be Together24. Command Strange & Electrosoul System - Cloudless25. Beta2 - Close Call26. Glen E Ston & Flaco - The Girl Can Move27. Kyshido - I Like The Way28. Pulsaar - Summertime29. Duoscience - Lambor30. Mayforms - Get Her Off Of My Mind31. Random Movement - Cant Resist32. Sevin - Tonight33. XRS - Xtype34. Faible - Easy Rollin35. Marcus Intalex - Mud36. Level 2 - Fast Lane37. Sabre & Riya - Injustice38. Command Strange - Smiles39. Dynamic - Up My World40. Skeletone - Hope This Makes 

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Sweet as man!!