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LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 146

LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 146

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LiquidDNB Show on Bassdrive 146

BrokenDrum      2 years 17 weeks ago




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Live on the, Saturdays 3-5pm gmt.

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  01. Crix, Brother, Mc Fats - Middle of the Night02. Intelligent manners & Command Strange (feat Pouyah) - Do It All Night03. Break - All Around04. Dynamic - Momentary Switch05. Subsid - Smooth Symphony06. Command Strange07. Andrezz - Let The Groove Move08. Hytec and Zurika - The One I Love09. Break - Last Chance10. Side 1 - Ready For Your Love11. Tim Cant - 93 Style12. Celtix - Lonely13. Chris Inperspective - Love Her14. Duoscience - Flavour of the Night15. Loz Contreras - Keep on Keepin on16. Soulculture - Stoned Love17. Tim Cant - True Gospel 18. Mark Halflite - Kick It - Soutec Rmx19. Soultec - The Groove20. Soultec & Msdos - Summer Love Affair21. Jazzanova - I Can See - paul sg remix22. Qumulus - Vanilla23. Alix Perez - Stray24. Sevin & Randell - Rainy Days25. Pennygiles - Rhodes Adrift26. Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Love and Happiness27. Loz Contreras - Chloes Exodus28. Joe Nebula & Patricia Edwards - I'm Willing To Do29. Eveson - Make Luv Tonight30. Donnie Dubson - Assemble31. Donnie Dubson - Transition32. 4 Hero - Look Inside - Nu Tone Rmx  

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