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Welcome to the LDNB community

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We have been developing our site so that you can connect with friends and take a more active role in the community.

Members now have access to new community features.

Once logged in you can search members and add friends, blogs, download and comment on mixes, news, events, and create status updates.

Connect with Drum and Bass Friends

There are over 40,000 people registered on and you can connect, message and share with any of them. Browse the member list to add friends or click on your friends profiles and add their friends.

Upload and download music, mixed and videos.

Add news, mixes, mp3s, events and more by visiting the upload section.

Create and post to your own blog

Write your own blog articles and add images. 

Browse and add events

Search for drum & bass nights happening near you. We list and maintain a wide range of dnb related events.


We will continue to develop the site so the more you use it the better it well get, and if you come across any bugs or wish to help grow the community do get in touch.

Contact us by sending a message to Forshay or use our contact form.