Alexey Fuifanov, Kazakhstan

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Command Strange

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Command Strange is a Young and talented producer hailing from
Kazakhstan, the land thats normally known for Borat his stupid
antics...Command Strange has used this mockery as his inspiration. Since
his early childhood he started to listen, and further, try to write
music. Aged 16 he had a first release on Russian label Liquid Brilliants
Records. A few years later and his music has gone to a next level with
releases on several established labelsl! If you think that DnB cant
manifest over there then your dead wrong...
His tunes have been supported by: Ltj Bukem, Ez Rollers, Dj Marky,
Random Movement, Jay Rome, Big Bud, Mutated Forms, Twisted Individual,
Mutt, Crissy Criss, Bailey, Fabio&Grooverider, Ash-a-tack, Bassdrive
radio. Labels: Fokuz Rec, Have-a-Break,Celsius, WestBay, Influenza
Media, Digital Colours, All Street, Golden Orb, Foulplay Rec, Liquid
Brilliants, Funkstar Rec, etc.
Record label:
Fokuz, Cesius, Nu Directions, Allsorts, Have-A-Break, Basswerk,
Allsreet, Liquid Brilliants, Digital Colour

Official Website:

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